The Viennese Waltz has a unique form and pace that distinguishes it from the Slow Waltz (more commonly known simply as the waltz), but is arguably more elegant, when dancers achieve a level of competence.

Often, our beginner students feel rather intimidated when watching our more advanced students execute the steps involved. But they quickly gain confidence as we gently guide them through the elements involved and breakdown the steps for better understanding.

Part of the fun of a group class is the mistakes we all make when learning. We have heard this dance called anything from the Vietnamese Waltz to the Venison Waltz! Call it what you will, but it’s a joy to watch and gives students a real sense of accomplishment when it “clicks”.

The characteristic pace and motion of this dance is achieved through the dancing couple turning clockwise and counterclockwise with non-turning change steps in between.

In the video below, Candy and Ryan da Silva make us all believe that their level of elegance is achievable. But be warned, move the furniture out of the way before trying this at home!

We hope that this list of songs inspires your home practice.

Apple Music – Viennese Waltz

Spotify – Viennese Waltz

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