Wedding Packages 

Wedding Packages 1

Whether you’re used to being the centre of attention, or not, make sure you’re prepared to be in the spotlight on your wedding day with lessons from our professional dance instructors. 

We will find the perfect solution for your first dance whether your aim is to just not trip over your feet; or you want to have a choreographed number for the entire bridal party.

Not only do our instructors understand what is needed to move from complete novice to adept, or from proficient to expert, but they have also performed in the spotlight and understand how to design a dance that balances your dancing ability with your personality type.

The quicker we get you into our dance studio, to start working towards that picture in your head, the better chance we have of making your dreams reality so commit now.

If your style is a little more last minute, don’t delay, take the leap now.

Not the main focus of the wedding, but looking to make a special couple know how loved they are? Why not consider gifting them a package voucher so they know you’ve got them covered?

A few pro tips:

  • When briefing your dance instructor include what you will be wearing for your opening dance, as outfits can influence your range of movement. 
  • Try and dance in your shoes before your actual opening number. New shoes can sometimes be too slippery. What’s on your feet can affect your ability to perform those moves you’ve been working on. Also, different shoes affect the height relationship between partners.
  • Like marriage, dancing is a partnership, and having lessons can provide you both with that little bit of extra confidence during your first outing as a married couple. 
  • Another similarity with marriage – it’s important to have some fun!

We offer the following packages from both our Bedfordview Studio and our Fourways Studio.

Dancemore studios is an amazing and friendly studio. The instructors are patient and professional and really help you understand and get the basics of all the dances.
We joined to learn the basic moves for our wedding dance, and we are both sooooo happy that we chose Dancemore studios. Dancing has made our relationship better, and now we even get compliments when we attend social events. The value and joy that comes from being a part of the Dancemore family, has made our lives so much more enjoyable.
Andrew & Alex

Package Options

Opening Dance Package – R2 180 for the package

4 x 1 hour private lessons for the special couple – your dance teacher is exclusively focused on the two of you and your opening dance

Our Wedding is 2 weeks out! Help! – R580 per hour

When time is pressurised we can squeeze you in for 1 to 3 lessons before your special day to focus on getting you smoothly through your first dance

A Family Affair – R545 per hour

We love meeting the family and sometimes moms and dads need help on the dance floor as well.  This is a great package option for father-daughter dances and mother-son dances.

Entourage Package – R5 360 for the package

4 x 1 hour classes for the special couple

4 x 1 hour classes together with dad and mom for mother-son and father-daughter dances

1 x 1 hour group class with the retinue 

Horizon Package – R1090 per couple per month

Your wedding is on the horizon and a year to 4 months away. Join our group couples’ classes and learn a variety of dances that will see you feeling confident on the dance floor throughout your wedding. 

Then two months before your big day book one of our other packages to focus specifically on your event.

Get in contact to book the Wedding Dance Package that best suits you.