Our priorities changed since COVID-19. Instead of buying things, we are now more interested in sharing experiences and spending quality time with loved ones.

Health & Wellness Matters Most

The pandemic showed us just how precious our health and well-being are. We have a new-found appreciation for wellness – physical and mentally. Experiences that we can share and let us bond with others just feel more fulfilling.

Making Memories & Building Relationships

With so much time spent apart from others, we’ve come to appreciate the power of human connection and touch. Experiences that bring people together and create memories are worth more to us than anything money can buy.

Ditching Consumerism

The pandemic has affected everyone’s wallets, so we’re being more mindful about how we spend our money. Instead of splurging on things, we’re choosing shared time with people that are important to us. Activities that bring us joy and create lasting memories.

Taking Time to Reflect

Quarantine gave us a lot of time to think, and we’ve realized what truly matters. Encounters that are meaningful, authentic, and offer a sense of fulfilment are at the top of our list.

And fun!

Having fun is such an essential part of our human connection, and we’ve come to value its role in our lives.

COVID-19 shook our world, but it’s also given us the opportunity to re-evaluate what’s important.

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