Who can forget that iconic scene from Shall We Dance? where Jennifer Lopez’s character tells Richard Gere, “Don’t think. Don’t move – unless you feel it.”? 

The Argentine Tango is synonymous with sensuality, passion and longing. 

Born out of the explosive population growth in Bueno Aires in the late 1800s, as a result of immigration, this dance is a blend of cultures, nostalgia, desire and yearning.

It’s a dance that allows for interpretation and creativity; which can be challenging for the novice, but liberating for the experienced.

See Jose and Heidi demonstrate the beauty and sensuality of this dance for you.

Here are some songs that you can practice to.

Apple Music – Argentine Tango

Spotify – Argentine Tango

We’ll leave you with this advice from Al Pacino’s Colonel Slade’s advice to Gabrielle Anwar’s Donna in Scent of A Woman, “That’s what makes the Tango so great, if you make a mistake – get all tangled up – you just Tango on.” 

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