The Waltz is usually the first dance that comes to mind when one thinks of ballroom dancing. This elegant and graceful dance has been danced competitively for almost 100 years and is still a firm favourite amongst our students.

The name Slow Waltz is often used to differentiate it from the Viennese Waltz.

Originating in Austria this dance evolved as it travelled through Europe, and takes its name from a German word meaning to glide, roll or turn – all appropriate descriptions for this sophisticated dance.

This movement is characterised by couples moving in an anti-clockwise directions around the dance floor in a swaying, or rise and fall, motion. 

Slow steps and poses are juxtaposed with faster movements to create interest, so that light and shade are woven into the physical narrative.

At Dancemore Studios this dance is paired with the Jive in the teaching curriculum and is taught during the months of April and October.

We find the slower elegance of this dance provides some respite from the energetic pace of the Jive.

The Slow Waltz is also a personal favourite of one of our instructors, Ryan Da Silva.

We hope that this list of songs inspires your home practice.

Apple Music – Slow Waltz

Spotify – Slow Waltz

If you would like to learn how to do the Slow Waltz and other ballroom dances, we offer group dance classes and private lessons. Get in touch now to book your first class!