It was Maureen who originally paired Heidi and Bruce to dance together. Probably thinking that their warm-hearted, friendly natures were a good match for dancing partners. If you’ve seen them smiling and gliding around the dance floor, I’m sure you’ll agree with Maureen’s choice.

Heidi shares her love of dancing and path to becoming a Dancemore instructor with us below.

Dance History

Since I was a little girl I have always loved music and dancing. 

I am the third daughter in a family of four children. I have fond memories of my parents going dancing with my aunts and uncles. I remember how these evenings were joyful and filled with laughter.

My first attempt to join a dance school was not a good fit, but in 2006 my mom bought me a month’s lessons with Dancemore. I was so excited because I’d always wanted to do this. In the beginning, I thought I’d never get all the steps right, but with encouragement and perseverance, it all fell into place.

I quickly discovered that socials were a great time to practice and have fun without feeling under pressure to get everything right. I have also been fortunate enough to participate in some demonstrations at the socials. Year-end functions, in particular, are a blast.

There are so many steps, variations and techniques to learn so I don’t believe you can become bored.

Heidi’s Favourite Dances

The Cha-Cha will always be a favourite because it was the first dance where we were able to do all the steps and variations for the duration of a song without repeating a sequence. So I’ll always associate it with the high of accomplishment. 

But the Tango also holds a special place in my heart. It’s such a romantic and passionate dance. You know and feel everything without speaking a word.

Over time I’ve come to love all the dances for their unique character and style.

Heidi and Bruce Dance Teachers
Heidi and Bruce

When I’m not swirling around the dance floor I love to bake, cook and spend time with friends and family. During the week I handle domestic and commercial insurance claims for a short term insurance firm.

I teach wedding couples, couples and single gents.

Through Dancemore I have met so many wonderful and incredible people who have become my friends. I’m having as much fun as I saw my parents having in my childhood memories.

Rumba in the Jungle with Dancemore