Most of us have watched in awe as Candy elegantly, and seemingly effortlessly, glides and jives on the dance floor at the monthly Dancemore socials. When she dances with Ryan, her preferred partner on the dance floor and in life, their joy and love of dance sparks off them like light twirling off a mirror ball.

Candy met Ryan when she was 15 and after about a year of dating, he told her that his mom, Maureen, was a wonderful dance teacher who had her own studio. Candy immediately said, “we have to start dancing together” and that was the start of their dance journey together.

Competitive Dancing

They travelled locally and internationally, competing in both Latin and Ballroom styles, at the highest levels and also completed their SADTA Medal grade exams. In 2010 they represented South Africa in the British Open (Blackpool) & World Championships and were finalists in all local competitions for Latin and ballroom; winning both 10 dance and ballroom sections in many of those competitions, including South African championships.

From the early days, Candy and Ryan assisted Maureen in her classes by demonstrating the steps and dances for her students which progressed into Candy teaching private lessons at Dancemore.

Once their two kiddies came along, Candy’s focused shifted to handling all the administrative tasks for Dancemore. When time allows, she teaches private lessons and assists ladies looking for additional Latin and Ballroom styling.

Candy’s favourite Latin dance is the Jive because she loves the music and the energy and fast pace of the dance. Her top choice out of the Ballroom dances is the Viennese Waltz. The music appeals to her and she loves the feeling of floating around the dance floor.

Candy Da Silva - Dance Teacher and Muffin maker

When she has some downtime, Candy enjoys spending time with her family and loves to shop. She does not discriminate between shopping for her home, her kids, clothes or groceries – she loves it all. She also enjoys baking and watching Friends.