If you’ve met Bruce, you’ve met one of the sweetest and most helpful teachers. He’s always willing to help and his love of dance and enthusiasm make you believe anything is possible.

He’s always smiling and quick with a joke or pun.

Below Bruce Bowers shares, in his own words, a little about his journey to the Dancemore Studios.

Dancing History

I used to belong to Toastmasters at Jeppe Quondam. One evening I walked through the main entrance and saw people dancing. I knew there and then that this was something that I would like to pursue. I spoke to the founder of Dancemore, Maureen Da Silva and the rest is, as they say, history. I joined the school in 2003.

I come from a family that danced. It all started with my parents. They would take me along to their dance lesson if there was no one to look after me. My eldest brother, Richard, his wife, Liz, and their two children, Lance and Marion, competed. 

Bruce and Heidi outside Dancemore 1

I love the social aspect of ballroom dancing and have not really pursued the competitive side.

Apparently, Maureen Da Silva was looking for more dance teachers to train to assist her with private lessons. It was her husband, Jose Da Silva, who suggested to her that she should look for dance teachers within the school. And that is how both Heidi, my dance partner, and I became dance teachers. It was our boldness and love of dance that helped us become dance instructors. We both jumped at the offer when we were asked by Maureen.  

Love of dance

My primary focus is putting wedding couples through their paces for their wedding dance, but I also teach private lessons with single ladies and couples who want to catch up on a lesson. Jose is presently putting me through my paces to take over the beginner group classes.

My favourite dances are: Cha-cha, Rhumba, Hustle, Foxtrot, Slow Waltz, Quickstep and Samba. These dances appeal to me as one can dance to these at most parties, weddings and other social occasions.

I was born in Durban, the fourth child in a family of three older brothers. After matriculating in 1979 I moved to Johannesburg in May 1980. I worked in Life Insurance and have been a full-time dance teacher since July 2018 – and love every minute of it. I love reading and have an interest in photography. Cooking is something that I also enjoy and love preparing various curries and Breyanis – because I come from Durban, of course.