We are nearing the end of April and some 5 weeks into this national lockdown. We trust all our students are all doing well and keeping yourselves busy, particularly with your dance practice.

We would like to THANK everyone for your generosity in continuing to pay your monthly dance fees during this period of lockdown. 

As you all know, the government is relaxing the lockdown effective 1st May 2020 for some sectors of the economy and we eagerly await for some more clarity as to when we can re-open our dance classes.

Dancemore has put in place a catch up strategy to ensure you don’t miss out on any dancing as a result of the lockdown.

Our group class catch up plan will consist of 2 parts:

We have been sending out instructional videos to all students on our WhatsApp groups since the 28th March. We hope you have been enjoying these videos and getting some much-needed exercise while on lockdown.

Ryan and Candy Da Silva demonstrating the Stop and Go in the Mambo.

We will continue to send out these videos as the first part of our catch up plan.

The second part of our catch up plan will be in a series of workshop classes that take place on a Saturday morning. These workshops will be 1.5 hours long and there will be 2 workshops per month missed for each level.

So, for example, if we resume in say June 2020, you would have missed 2 months, meaning, Dancemore will facilitate 6 hours of workshops for each level for those two months missed. 

There will be 2, or more, teachers in each class so that our students receive focused, individualised attention.

Logistics will be worked out once we know when we are able to resume classes.

During May our dances are the Hustle and the Samba, Hustle being the main dance for the month, particularly for our beginners.

Our Dancemore family wishes to again thank you all for supporting this family business and we encourage you to continue with your practising.